My history

There was always one thing for me what was sure since I was a kid – One day, I am going to be a developer. Unfortunately, I did not make any backup of files from my very beginning, when I was about 7 years old, but you can check something from slightly later era when I was about 12 years old. Code feels little bit funny nowadays but it is quite cool 🙂 To continue on nostalgic wave, let me mention Jais. This project feels much more like a real thing. It is nicely playable, despite the rather high difficulty.

Actually, if you like any of the screenshots above just click and they will take you to the related GitHub repository. The stuff there can be very old but I am keeping it on my eyes just to remember good old days.

There are also some cool applications in my past. I can not publish their sources (Delphi, by the way) but you can check few screenshots. They were mainly about databases and human resource management.

My education

I have studied in the University of Ostrava where I have stayed active for a very long time.

I have wrote many interesting things such as my final theses:

As every student, I passed many exams. Let me mention 3D convex hull generator, developed in Delphi.

My present

I am OpenCV contributor, namely I have delivered a fuzzy module which covers an implementation of my various image inpainting techniques.

Currently, my most significant hobby is 3D graphics. With Chronea Works, we made a historically accurate trip to an old Czechia town in Unity. If you have almost any device, ideally supporting GPS and gyroscope, feel free to try it by yourself.

I can proudly present work of a team where I have the honor to be a part of it in Bohemia Interactive Simulations:

As you can see, we are working on advanced 3D engine supporting incredible level of details capturing all planet Earth. You are able to travel from orbit to blades of grass. What is the best about it – everything works in a real time without a single loading screen.

More interesting (and fun!) things can be seen on my Shadertoy profile.

Oh, and if you are into science you can check my ResearchGate. This is a place where you can see some of my journal and conference papers. If you would like to see what was my main topic of the interest than behold:

Pretty neat, is not it? It is called image inpainting.

My hobbies

Expect computer graphics in any form and amount, my big hobby is teaching. Professionally, I have taught people of all different ages and levels from elementary school to a university.

Related thing is public speaking. I am experienced public speaker on scientific conferences and also on more civil ones. I am even a member of a Toastmasters discussion club.

I also like to draw.

Another thing is music. I can play guitar, I can sing, I even composed a piece.

یکی از سرگرمی های بزرگ و جالب من، زبان فارسی است

Last but not least

Click here for my LaTeX friendly full CV.